Caleb Brauner

Co Founder

Caleb started dancing at 4 years old and then transitioned to dancing competitively at 6 years old and went on to win numerous overalls and titles. During that time Caleb was invited to have a chance to be apart of the United States World Dance and Hip Hop team to represent the United States at the Dance Olympics held in Germany. After Caleb’s senior year of dancing he knew that he had to pursue it as a career. Caleb started training professionally at the Kansas City Ballet and then started instructing there as well.
Originally from just outside of Kansas City, MO Caleb now lives in Los Angeles, CA. Caleb is one of the most popular and sought after young choreographers in the industry teaching at the world renowned Millenium Dance Complex OC and travels to teach and set pieces at various studios and companies all over the Region. Caleb has danced with pop artists such as Cody Simpson, however, most of you may know Caleb season 10 and season 11 of Fox’s hit TV series “So You Think You Can Dance” where he was a featured dancer. His season 11, Chicago audition trended worldwide on HULU, and was featured in Dance Spirit Magazine as one of the best auditions.
This year Caleb worked alongside Brian Friedman, Willdabeast, and Janelle Ginestra on a new Vegas show, and recently wrapped on the trailer for the new movie Canal Street set to release soon. Caleb has helped on projects for the Billboard Music Awards, just got done on Season 7 of the hit TV series American Horror Story and is not stopping there.
Caleb is a very well rounded dancer, choreographer, and visionary and loves to put all of his various training in his work. His work fuses all of these styles so much that it pushes you to be the most well rounded and ready tower dancer you can be. You will not just dance in his class, you will discover new ways to move, learn to make your connection and emotion true and real, find your confidence, fuel your passion, push boundaries in your body and mind, and most importantly discover something in yourself that you never knew you had. Be prepared to be pushed, grow, and be inspired.

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