I never leave kinfigure without feeling like a better dancer than I was when I walked in. It’s a totally different atmosphere than anything else I’ve ever felt. I love how it’s a real family, always pushing & striving to be better not just for ourselves but for each other too.

Grace from Kearney, MO

Kinfigure Member

I truly don’t know what I would do without Kinfigure. I walk out as a new dancer after every training. I feel connected and loved from everyone and I wouldn’t want to support anyone else as much as I support Caleb and Carly because they push me to where they know I can be as a dancer.

Maya Cochran from Kansas City, MO

Kinfigure Member

This is my daughter’s first year as a Minikin and the experience has been one-of-a-kind! For Caleb and Carly to lead a group of dancers by giving them tips and mentoring them is just amazing! I love that they challenge the dancers and push them out of their comfort zones to grow in other areas.

Stephanie Warden from Delosge, MO

Kinfigure Parent

Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Kinfigure. Not only has it given me a HUGE support system full of amazing friends and mentors, but it has pushed me as a dancer above any expectations I had for myself. Also, it has educated me about professional dance and how much work I really need to put in for that. Everyone in KinFigure brings such a positive vibe and I’m always excited for training. The improvement of every single person is so cool to watch over the course of time and I can’t wait for many more years with Kinfigure!

Ella Thowe from Kansas City, MO

Lifetime Kinfigure Member

KinFigure has raised my son’s confidence up to a level he didn’t think was possible. He started out a bit meek when he saw the talent of those he was dancing with. Caleb soon helped Raif to realize the artist inside and brought out a boy I, at times, have to do a double take to see that I’m looking at Raif! His style is continually being shaped by the training he receives in KinFigure and stretches him to think and dance outside the box. Caleb and Carly challenge and push Raif and he has done nothing but soar!!

Melissa Graham

Kinfigure Parent

I love that they try so hard to include the dancers that live far away and can’t always be there. Lexi loves to watch and work grime the live videos they always post from trainings. The little time she has got to spend with Caleb Brauner and Carly Lawrence have made such an impact on her at such a young age and pushed her out of her comfort zone. She is still very shy and unsure of her improv but they are so encouraging and positive. Can’t wait for her to see them again!!!

Parent of Lexi Aware from TX

Kinfigure Parent

My daughter and I both love everything about Kinfigure! The training, mentorship, positivity, morals/values, and goal chasing! When I tell people what Kinfigure Kollective is I say it is a mentorship program created and lead by professional dancers who currently live in LA. They both share their wisdom, knowledge, skills, and opportunities with our kids. They have helped kalli grow in diverse styles of dance and opened her eyes to a whole new world of dance. The training is always intense and creates a hunger inside my daughter for more!

Kasey Cooper from Bonne Terre, MO

Kinfigure Parent

KINFIGURE has given me intense training, fun, love, and a famILY. it gives me a place I can let loose and just dance. KF pushes me to rise up to the challenge all while allowing me to be myself which is important to me. I am thankful for my KinFam.

Kenna Miles from Kansas

Minikin Member

Welcome to Kinfigure!

Founded in 2017 by Caleb Brauner and Carly Lawrence, Kinfigure is a company made up of 3 different sections, KinFigure Kollective, KinFigure Kinvention, and KinFigure Kollection.

KinFigure Kollective is essentially is a talent collective and mentorship program that has members from all over, from various backgrounds, demographics, age ranges, and more who come together to train, grow, and find an extended dance family. One of the primary focuses, if not the main focus is to help guide and mentor you not only as a dancer, performer, entertainer, but also as an artist and human.

KinFigure Kinvention has the same exact focus as KinFigure Kollective, except bottled up and put into a convention on a grand scale that we open up to the public. At this one of a kind convention we want everybody to receive an experience unlike any dance event they have ever witnessed before. Please go to our Kinvention page to really read and see what the KinFigure Kinvention experience is all about.

KinFigure Kollection centers around the main focus of offering apparel and merchandise to let you have a style that is completely you and your own. We pride ourselves in being a company that doesn’t limit the mediums we have when it comes to creativity. Every piece of our apparel is designed from us and by us, and at times we even hold opportunities for select members of KinFigure Kollective to submit their own ideas for new pieces to be released. Dance is the primary medium for us, but we also know that there are so many other passions and mediums in the world that go hand in hand with dance, so we as a company welcome those opportunities and never stifle creativity in any way, shape, or form. Head on over to our Shop and browse from our selection. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Ultimately we want to help you find where you fit and what path you want to take in this dance and entertainment industry, while also opening your eyes to many opportunities you didn’t know existed that can go along with your dancing such as modeling, acting, singing, and much more. Through this we hope to help you dispose of any limitations you or others have set upon yourself.

We want to help you and the other people involved with your growth and training take those next steps, and give you all the supplemental training along with where you train currently to help you confidently step up and step out into the professional industry, or wherever your life within this field may take you.

Since being founded only around 2 years ago we have aided and assisted in getting 3 of our members signed with Talent agencies, such as MTA and Go 2 Talent Agencies based in Los Angeles, CA. We have hired them for professional paid dance jobs all over the U.S. and most importantly helped them find their own voice, confidence, and identity within their movement and artistry.

If you are serious about dancing, performing, and entertaining, if you close your eyes and the only thing you envision with your life is being able to wake up every day doing the one thing you feel you were put on this earth to do, doing the one thing you know how to do better than anything else in your life, living your dreams. Or if all of this sounds amazing to you and you want to but you just don’t know how to, then KinFigure Kollective is for you.

We pride ourselves on being a family, so much that the word KinFigure is made up of 3 words.

1. Kin: which means family
2. Figure: which to us is somebody who is looked up to who has a high standard they hold themselves to.
3. Configure: which to us means to construct, create, and figure out your dreams and how to get there.

So if this feels like you, then we will see you at our upcoming KinFigure Kinvention & Audition.

Come join the Kin!!!!!


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