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How do I become a member of KinFigure Kollective?

You can become a member of KinFigure Kollective by attending our annual KinFigure Kinvention we hold every year in August. It is a can’t miss event that hundreds of people come to from around the globe and all take class from Kinfigure directors, Caleb Brauner and Carly Lawrence, along with a ton of amazing guest faculty who teach there as well. At the Kinvention the very last thing we do is hold an audition to be apart of next years KinFigure Kollective, and have that opportunity to join the KinFigure family, it’s always an energy filled moment that dancers never forget.

Is there an age requirement to be in KinFigure Kollective?

There is no age requirement we just ask that the dancer is serious about dance at a high professional caliber level, for instance, we helped two of our Minikins (which is our youngest group of dancers in the kollective) signed last year with agencies we have connections with in LA.

Do I have to live in a certain area to be apart of KinFigure Kollective?

No we have members located all over the nation. We love getting everybody all together multiple times a year and training, growing, and sharing with each other!!

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